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“WOT, is your web not filtered yet?”

I have just found a really excellent Firefox add-on called ‘Web of Trust’ that’s a filtering tool that uses on its community of users to examine and rank websites for content relevance and safety.  Using humans is certainly better than relying on algorithms for content assessment.  It utilises a colour coded scorecard with four main criteria; Trustworthiness, Vendor reliability, Privacy and Child Safety.

When you Google a search it goes away and checks its community ranked database and lights up the results in a classic ‘traffic light’ coding; Red is bad, Amber means be cautious and Green is good.  This is an excellent product that works across a wide range of browsers with plug-ins available for IE, Firefox and Chrome.

Do you bit and help build a ‘Web of Trust’!

Do you want to Buy & Sell things locally?

Gumtree - Buying & Selling LocallyEveryone knows about Ebay and it’s global dominance in the market but I’ve been turning to the more local and community feel of Gumtree.

It covers the extent of the UK and supply’s local free listings and ads for goods and services in your immediate area.  The revamped site is clean and very comprehensive with listings for a wide range of categories from accommodation, vehicles, jobs, dating and of course a massive For Sale section.  Adding your own listing is a breeze with helpful tips and hints on the best ways to present your item plus it’s free to place an advert for 120 days.  There are additional forums, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube feeds all adding to the community feel.  On a downside I found it a bit slow to actually post my advert but it’s so easy to use that this is minor in the scheme of things.  Also try Ad Trader if you fancy another view!

ITS GUI Web site is launched…

We are delighted to announce that the new site for ITS GUI Web Media has been launched on the first day of the new financial year.  New Year, New Successes!

Please take a look around and contact us if there is any aspect of your web presence you would like to discuss.  We are also able to offer a wide range of print media to enhance and promote your web site and services you sell to your clients.

Let us help grow your business on the Web!

FLOCK it! If you love your social media you’ve got to have this!

Flock is the Social Media Browser of my choice!Back at the blogface for 2010 and have just found plus am loving the Flock browser! If you are a social media addict then this is definately the one for you. It allows you to keep in touch through social media making it easier to share and publish your thoughts etc.

It integrates with all your favourites including Facebook, Gmail, Digg, Flickr, Twitter, Blogger, Wordpress and many more. In addition it has a cool People sidebar plus a Media bar that allows you to browse photos and vids from your favourite sites. Also you have a blog editor, a built-in feed reader, a photo uploader plus you can add numerous extensions and design toolbars.

It as all bases covered and knowing that it’s powered by Mozilla reassures you that it’s fast. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Zattoo is great for watching TV on your PC!

Zattoo - Watch TV on your PC or MacDo you want to watch TV on your Mac or PC without a Tuner Card/Aerial?

If so check out Zattoo, a fast download thats available for Mac OS X, XP, Vista and 7. The site automatically detects which OS version you are running and then just click to download. Take a look at the TV Channels link and you’ll see that for the UK it picks up 31 Channels including all the BBC Channels, ITV1, Channel 4, Five plus many more.

Once you have signed up you’ll be greeted by an advert in the video window, so just click on the channel list on your favourite channel. There are very few controls to use which just makes it so user friendly.

Personally I’m a big fan, so let me know what you think!

The Slate PC, is it the next big thing?

Apple iPadWith the recent launch of the Apple iPad (not the coolest name, I agree!) the wave of ‘Slate PC’s’ has started. All the top companies will be coming out with their own versions in the next few months. HP have a device, a clear challenge to the iPad, that will be running the Windows 7 OS and is controlled via a touchscreen interface. It has features that will make it popular for entertainment and business but pricing and availability will be crucial.

Archos and Asus have similar devices that are being prototyped at the moment, including Dell. The Dell device will run the open-source Android operating system but that’s about as much as we know at present.

Watching the Gadget Show the other night they said that the iPad will follow in the iPhone’s footsteps as ‘the gadget to own in 2010′ and I’ll second that. Call me a sucker for the cool design (British designer of course!) and functionality, but you know the’re right! The other companies will all be playing catch up just like they’ve been with the iPhone. Don’t buy an e-Reader from Sony or the Amazon Kindle, save a bit more and get an iPad, it’s the next big thing!

Ninite is a great timesaver…

Recently I had to complete a thorough rebuild of my laptop and came across this really great application called Ninite.  Like most people I had a collection of applications that needed to be re-installed.  So I simply just went to the web site and selected all the programs I needed.  The software on offer is neatly laid out into sections including Web Browsers, Messaging, Media, Imaging and so on.  When you have finished selecting your software then click on ‘Get Installer’ and just leave alone to get on installing everything you’ve asked for.

Simples….saved no end of time!

Are you chatting via Trillian yet?

I’ve recently checked out Trillian Astra 4 a really smart multi-protocol chat client.  It supports most of the popular instant-messaging and social networks including Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, AIM, Google Talk, Facebook, Twitter, Skype plus of course POP and IMAP email.

The slick interface allows you to chat by text, audio and video so give it a go today!  It is currently only available for Windows, web and the iPhone but currently a MAC version is under development.