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Please note that Smith and Saunders have taken over the running of the IT'S Gui website following the sad passing of Tim Eade. We are continuing to run the service as normal and any service you have will continue.

We have put together a list of the key features of your web hosting package below so please read through these in case we've answered your question.

Is your web site not displaying? Are you not receiving emails?
Check the latest Hosting Server Status by clicking the button on the right, as it could be that some routine server maintenance is being carried out.

Control Panel Control Panel to manage your email services and website hosting

All clients have access to their own control panel via http://cp.yourdomain.co.uk or http://www.extendcp.co.uk/login.cgi
The Control Panel allows the user to manage various aspects of their hosting package including:

  • Email Configuration
  • Junk Mail Filtering
  • Website Reporting
  • Backups & Password changes


Email configuration Email Configuration

Email is a primary feature of your hosting package and via the control panel you can:-

  • View a Summary of all your current email settings
  • Setup Email Forwarding
  • Create Mailboxes
  • Create Mailing Lists with a subscribe/unsubscribe option
  • Create Autoresponders - useful for when you are away on leave, or on a course etc.
  • Modify Junk Mail Filters - you control the Spam levels

Setting up your Email Client
Once you have created your relevant mailbox all you have to do is set up your email client to allow you to send and receive emails. Whether or not you use Outlook, Outlook Express, Mail or Thunderbird, controlling your emails is a simple process once you have the right settings. Assuming you use Outlook here is the procedure you need to follow:-

From the Tools menu select Email Accounts and Create a new POP3 account.

To allow you to send mail through our mail server (smtp.outitgoes.com) you now need to make a small change to the properties of the account. Select the ´More Settings´ button on the right:
Select the tab Outgoing Server and put a tick against ´My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication´ and then click the ´OK´.

That's job done! Just run a quick test, sending out and receiving emails.

WebMail Web Mail

Another great feature of our hosting packages is WebMail which allows you to access your emails from where ever you are in the World!
There are two ways to access your WebMail:-

  • either via your Control Panel by selecting WebMail from the menu selection and using the Log-in now option
  • or from your web browser eg. IE or Firefox.Go to www.outitgoes.com and put in your username and password
  • Go to www.outitgoes.com to get your email online

WebMail is one of the most powerful and flexible WebMail systems; features include your own address book, search features, customisable interface and scheduling, plus synchronising with existing Outlook features, like contacts and calendars. The key benefit with this product is that you can have all your emails in one place and not have to worry about synchronisng and downloading to an email client such as Outlook.

Web Stats Website Reporting

We are delighted to be able to offer our clients the best in real-time web statistics.
You can access your web stats via http://www.yourdomain.co.uk/stats/

Please allow a moment for the stats to build and once displayed you will see that they are very comprehensive. The stats are displayed in the following categories; When, Who, Navigation, Referrers and Others so you can easily drill down to find out exactly what you need to know. Note that you can create a password for this folder if you wish via the Control Panel option.

We will continue to develop this page with new support information so please watch this space and let us know if there is something you want to see!

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